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Methamphetamine Addict Withdrawal Rehab Meth Detox

More than 500,000 Americans

Are regularly using meth

The hit television series Breaking Bad glamorized the world of meth production—then showed how meth use and distribution slowly erodes a person’s life and health, taking them to the depths of despair. In real life, meth use is similar. It can feel great at first, but over time, it destroys health, life, families, and careers. Meth addiction is on the rise, with more than half a million Americans regularly using meth.

This powerful and dangerous drug can feel impossible to overcome. But our West Palm Beach meth detox center offers revolutionary NAD/brain restoration+ treatment that helps you begin the recovery journey. Our secret is that we address the underlying cause of addiction, not just the symptoms. That allows you to finally begin recovery, no matter how long you’ve used or how many times you’ve relapsed. Here’s what you need to know about meth detox.

Meth is A
Not a

Meth is A<br />
Disease,<br />
<strong>Not a<br />

Meth is a stimulant, which means it leaves users feeling powerful, intelligent, and very energetic. These feelings can be irresistible, particularly to people who are depressed, tired, have a history of trauma, or who feel hopeless in their lives. Unlike some other drugs, meth users can become addicted the very first time they use.

There are two factors that make meth so addictive. The first is how good it feels to be under the influence of meth. Meth inspires confidence, makes people feel more productive, and makes life feel better. It blinds people to their own faults, and to the struggles they face. So while the objective reality of your life might be that things are going poorly, meth makes it seem like everything is great.

The second, and most potent, reason that meth is so addictive is that it changes your brain and body. Over time, meth users become dependent on meth. They no longer use the drug to feel good. Instead, they rely on it to feel normal. Without meth, they may feel hopeless, suicidal, dumb, and worthless. Because the body becomes dependent, too, it aggressively resists any attempts to stop using meth. So users who attempt to break free from the cycle suffer intense physical and psychological discomfort known as detox. This withdrawal lasts several days, making it very difficult to stop using without help.

All of this means that meth isn’t just a choice. It’s a physical disease that changes your body and brain. Simply stopping meth won’t change things back to how they once were. Only comprehensive treatment can do that. Curing your body takes time and effort, but it is possible.

Signs and Symptoms of
Meth Addiction

A hallmark of meth addiction is denial. Meth makes addicts feel good, so they may have trouble recognizing that their meth use has become a problem. And because they’ll do anything to get meth, they may see other people as the problem when meth causes relationship issues. Signs and symptoms of meth addiction include:

  • Changes in behavior when you can’t use meth. You may feel anxious, aggressive, or angry.
  • Using much more meth than you originally used to get the same high.
  • Relying on meth to get work done, or to feel “normal.”
  • Using meth to self-medicate.
  • Endangering yourself or your family to get access to meth.
  • Injecting meth.
  • Spending all or most of your time high on meth.
  • Experiencing financial, legal, career, or family difficulties because of your use of meth.
  • Trying to stop using meth, but being unable to do so.
  • Being unwilling to stop using meth, or telling yourself you can stop any time.

the Meth
Detox Process

Because meth changes your brain and body, detoxing from the drug is hard. You may experience pain, stomach problems, and mood swings. You might even feel suicidal or aggressive, or become convinced that meth is the only good thing in your life. This is all part of your body’s attempt to keep you using this dangerous drug. Don’t give in! If you can ride out detox, you’ll be well on the path to sobriety. Detox gets better as meth leaves your body. When it’s over, you’ll be ready to begin rebuilding your life.

Unfortunately, meth is one of the most difficult drugs to detox from. Detox can even be dangerous, causing dehydration and other painful symptoms. With medical detox at a quality facility like our West Palm Beach detox center, detox is safe and much more comfortable.

Detox Helps Treat
Meth Addiction

We use nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD)/brain restoration plus (NAD/BR+) to work towards restoring your body and brain following meth addiction. NAD is a coenzyme that supports numerous reactions in every cell of your body. Addiction can deplete NAD levels, and this is a major factor in the pain of detox. Low NAD is also linked to poor mental health, including depression and anxiety. So by restoring NAD to healthy levels, we work to help your body recover from addiction and address the underlying mechanism that contributes to many mental health issues.

Our studies suggest that intravenous NAD drip keeps your healthy as you go through detox and makes the journey easier. It also gives your brain a chance to recover from the many ways meth has poisoned it. Detox has never been easy, but with the right approach, it can be just a little less intimidating. Reach out today if you’re ready to work towards  a healthier life.

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