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Marijuana Addiction

Social norms are changing. Twenty-nine states plus the District of Columbia have now legalized some forms of marijuana use. That makes this drug more available than ever before. And while medical marijuana can change lives, for some people, marijuana destroys lives. Any drug can be addictive, so don’t believe the hype about marijuana being safe for everyone.

Our West Palm Beach marijuana treatment program helps with the treatment of addiction. We address addiction’s root causes, helping our patients go on to lead healthy, fulfilling lives. You deserve it.


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A popular myth suggests that marijuana is not addictive. It’s true that marijuana is less likely to produce chemical dependency than some other drugs, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not addictive. Any substance that changes your body and brain can become addictive. Something doesn’t even have to get you high to be addictive. Witness how easily some people become addicted to shopping and gambling, for example. So yes, marijuana is absolutely addictive.

Addiction to marijuana has

at least two components:

1. Chemical dependency

Chemical dependency refers to the physical changes that occur in the body and brain due to marijuana use. Dependency convinces your body you need marijuana to remain normal. It’s the reason most addicts quit using, and it’s what makes withdrawal so difficult.

Marijuana also changes your brain. It can sap your motivation, trigger depression in some people, and make it more difficult to feel energetic and hopeful. This causes many addicts to use more marijuana to cope with the stress and discomfort, spurring a vicious cycle of progressively worsening dependency.

2. Behavioral addiction

Behavioral addiction refers to the habit portion of marijuana. This is the tendency to unthinkingly use this drug to cope with stress, boredom, depression, and other struggles of daily life. Behavioral addiction almost always goes hand in hand with chemical dependency. But even when you’re not chemically dependent on marijuana, behavioral addiction is a powerful force. It’s the reason addicts return to drugs even after they’ve gone through detox and their bodies are no longer dependent. Behavioral addiction makes marijuana feel like an easy antidote to all that makes life challenging. It also means that to get and stay sober, you must find a healthier way to cope.

Changing Laws,
Increased Addiction

As marijuana becomes legal in various states, it also becomes more accessible, potentially causing more people to become addicted. Many marijuana users mistakenly believe that because marijuana is legal—or, in some cases, even prescribed by a doctor—it must be safe. That’s simply untrue. Some of the most addictive drugs in the world are alcohol and opioid painkillers. Both are completely legal, but also profoundly dangerous.

Anyone can become addicted to marijuana with prolonged excessive use. Some risk factors for addiction include:

  • Chronic health conditions, including chronic pain.
  • Mental health issues such as depression or anxiety.
  • ADHD, which can make it difficult to focus and work. Marijuana sometimes temporarily improves focus and motivation.
  • A history of other addictions.
  • Frequent use of marijuana.
  • Using marijuana in adolescence.
  • Spending time around other marijuana users.
Could I
Be Addicted
to Marijuana?

Not sure if you’re an addict? The fact that you’re questioning the possibility already suggests there might be a problem. Some signs of marijuana addiction include:

Affects Your
Life and

Like any other addiction, marijuana addiction eventually causes you to prioritize marijuana over almost everything else—including your family, job, and happiness. It’s true that a marijuana overdose is virtually impossible, but that doesn’t mean marijuana doesn’t kill. Driving under the influence, lung damage from smoking and other secondary effects of marijuana use can claim your life. Marijuana use may also erode your quality of life.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Don’t believe the lies of marijuana addiction. It’s possible to get and stay sober, and there’s no better time than right now. The sooner you seek treatment, the sooner you can begin living the sober, healthy life you deserve.

Addiction is a disease. Our West Palm Beach marijuana addiction facility aims to help our patients with our Brain Restoration Plus (BR+) program. We believe the secret is NAD, a coenzyme that’s vital to every cell in the body.

Addiction depletes NAD, causing poor health and hindering the brain’s ability to correctly function. Research also shows that low NAD is a risk factor for addiction. We believe that intravenous (IV) drips of NAD address both sides of this addiction coin. Our experience shows that NAD can help your brain rebalance to its natural, healthy state. This helps you feel mentally sharper, less depressed, and more equipped to fight your addiction. It can also make the withdrawal process less difficult.

You can lead a happy life without marijuana. Let us show you a path out of the darkness of addiction and into the light of sobriety. Contact us today!

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