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It’s hard to miss the influx of commercials, brochures, and supplements promising to detox your gut. What’s all this about? It might seem strange, but research increasingly shows that the gut might be the key to unlocking long-lasting health. Poor gut health has been linked to an increased risk of myriad health woes, including depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and yes, addiction.

Our holistic gut cleanse can help restore your gut to its natural, healthy state. This makes it easier to get and stay sober and to leave your rehabilitation journey feeling healthy and whole. As one of West Palm Beach’s few holistic providers offering a range of integrative rehabilitative services, we’re proud to include gut health options. We believe in the power of the gut to heal the mind.

Gut Health:
What You
Need to Know

Gut Health:<br />
<strong>What You<br />
Need to Know</strong>

So what is gut health? Gut health refers to the complex chemical and other reactions that help you digest and absorb food. When gut health is out of whack, you can’t properly absorb nutrients. You might absorb too much or too little. And that can affect virtually everything about how your body functions.

Medical conditions such as diabetes can undermine your gut health, as can unusual diets. That’s because these diets change the way your body processes nutrients, thereby also changing your gut. There’s also mounting evidence that our contemporary lifestyles are bad for our gut health. A complex colony of bacteria aids digestion by absorbing nutrients and metabolizing waste. Without these beneficial bacteria, the gut can’t function well.

The problem is that we live in environments that may be too clean. Overuse of antibiotics in conjunction with over-reliance on antibacterial soaps and other products can kill off good gut bacteria. We also eat more processed foods, and most people consume a less varied diet than our ancestors did. All of this adds up to weaker gut bacteria and a gut that just may not function like it should.

This decline in gut health has coincided with an epidemic of depression, addiction, chronic pain, and unexplained chronic illnesses. There are many factors contributing to this phenomenon, but poor gut health is almost certainly one of them. By supporting your gut health with a gut cleanse, we help optimize your overall health and well-being, and assist you in your goals to achieve the best possible shot at lasting sobriety.

What Happens When
the Gut is Out of Whack?

If you have an addiction, your gut is almost certainly unhealthy. That’s because addiction itself harms gut health. Drugs and alcohol can kill beneficial bacteria, steadily eroding your gut’s health and making you more vulnerable to a host of illnesses. You may find that you get sick more now that you’re an addict. Any pre-existing conditions you had have likely gotten worse. Much of this is due to poor gut health.

But what are some other signs of bad gut health? Some telltale clues include:

The Gut-Brain

How Gut Health
is Linked to

The health issues that poor gut health can trigger are risk factors for addiction. A person with depression may turn to drugs or alcohol to cope, while a person with chronic pain is at risk of becoming addicted to pain medication. Poor gut health is also an independent risk factor for addiction, though the research is in its infancy.

Research now shows that the gut and brain “talk.” In fact, the gut is akin to a second brain, containing more than 100 million neurons—more than any other area of the body except for the brain. So when the gut is out of whack, the brain can be, too. Understanding this fact is slowly but surely revolutionizing the treatment of addiction.

What to Expect
from a Gut Cleanse

So what is a gut cleanse? We can’t fix your gut overnight. It took years to get this way, and it will take time to repair it. A gut cleanse, however, gives you a fresh start that can get you on the road to better health. By helping cleanse impurities from your gut, we prepare it to grow beneficial bacteria that can help you remain healthy.

We’ll work with you to decide what cleanse might be best for your needs.

We’ll also counsel you about nutrition’s role in the health of your gut, since sound nutrition usually means a healthy gut. In conjunction with our compassionate counseling and emphasis on holistic well-being, we’ll help you work toward lasting sobriety. Take advantage of our other options, too—massage therapy, chiropractic care, and many other options that can help heal your body and mind.

If you’re ready for a fresh start, we’re ready to help. Give us a call today!

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