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Low-energy Neurofeedback System
LENS Therapy

Addiction fundamentally changes the way the brain works. As the seat of consciousness and the primary source of emotions, the brain is the single most significant determinant of how you feel. So why do so few addiction treatment centers treat the brain? At Future Now Detox, we put your brain front and center. Our Brain Restoration Plus therapy can help you feel better because you are better. We also offer world-class LENS therapy to supplement our other programs. As a West Palm Beach detox and rehabilitation provider, we are confident that our holistic approach can help you begin to live a healthier, fuller life.

What is
LENS Therapy?

Low-Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) uses a computer-based program to monitor the brain and help correct brain issues. It’s a form of neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is a therapy that monitors brain activity, then provides details about that activity, allowing a person to make subtle changes in their thoughts and behavior that slowly correct problematic aspects of brain functioning.

LENS provides neurofeedback using an EEG machine. This machine provides information about the electrical activity occurring in your brain. You might not realize it, but the brain is an electrical system. And just as faulty wiring in your house can cause a short circuit, so too can problems in the metaphorical wiring in your brain. The clinician observing the brain’s activity then feeds a faint radio signal to the brain that may steadily correct problematic brain activity. Don’t worry; this signal is actually weaker than the various frequencies you’re already exposed to in your daily life. So it’s perfectly safe and surprisingly effective.

How LENS Therapy Can Help
You Recover From Addiction

Addiction alters the body’s chemical system by changing the way neurotransmitters work. It can also be a product of a problem with the body’s chemical system. For instance, low levels of the neurotransmitter NAD have been associated with addiction, mental illness, and psychological distress. Over time, dysfunction in the brain’s chemical system can also disrupt activity in the brain’s electrical system.

So what does that mean?

When the brain can’t function correctly, emotional distress, chronic pain, insomnia, and numerous other woes are the inevitable result.

This can lead to addiction, as individuals try to self-medicate their pain and distress. It can also intensify drug cravings in someone who already struggles with addiction.

Addiction creates a progressively stronger feedback loop: it damages your brain, causing your brain to crave more drugs and alcohol. Answering these cravings with more drugs and alcohol then further damages the brain, causing more cravings. On and on it goes. LENS therapy is an attempt to get to the heart of this problem, with the goal of making it easier to quit drugs and alcohol without pain, distress, and miserable withdrawal symptoms.

Is LENS Therapy
Right for You?

Is LENS Therapy<br />
<strong>Right for You?</strong>

LENS therapy is a safe, natural alternative to costly drugs that can become addictive. The worst case scenario isn’t addiction or a side effect; it’s that it won’t work. That’s a pretty good worst case scenario when compared to the terrible side effects many people experience with psychiatric drugs. We’ve found that LENS can be an adjunct to psychotherapy and 12-step programs. Our addicts like that it’s safe and natural.

LENS therapy may be an especially good option for you if:

LENS Therapy:
Part of a Holistic Approach to Addiction

Addiction is a complicated illness that assaults your mind, body, and spirit. It demands complex, multifaceted treatment. It also requires an individualized approach that takes into account your needs, health, values, lifestyle, family relationships, and much more.

At Future Now, we treat every addict as an individual. We are also a West Palm Beach provider of NAD/Brain Restoration Plus therapy that can help your brain rebalance to its natural, normal, healthy state.

We believe you deserve to feel better, live better, and lead the life that addiction has made impossible. We blend numerous holistic modalities, including chiropractic care and massage therapy, with treatments such as psychotherapy and medical detox to give you the best possible shot at a lifetime of sobriety.

Future Now Detox:
A Path to an Addiction-Free Life

Many addicts feel a sense of control from their addiction. They think that drugs or alcohol allow them to avoid or control pain, stress, and other unpleasant symptoms. The truth is that you don’t control your use; your use controls you. Get your life back by getting sober.

We know it’s hard. We know it might even feel impossible.

The longer you wait, the harder it becomes. No matter where you are, or what you’ve tried, we can help. Whether this is your first attempt at sobriety or your 100th, let us show you what truly holistic care means. We do everything we can to get you sober, exploring and exhausting all options. You matter. Your life matters. And from the moment you call us, you’ll feel that way.

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