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Massage Therapy

Touch is about more than just feeling good. It can actually heal your body and mind. Our massage therapy programs help addicts get sober and stay there. We are one of West Palm Beach’s providers of massage therapy-based detox, and we’re thrilled to show you how gentle touch can heal your body and mind.

Affects Your
Entire Body

Addiction<br />
Affects Your<br />
<strong>Entire Body</strong>

Addiction is more than just a lifestyle or a habit. It’s a verifiable medical condition. It changes your brain, and alters the way your body reacts to drugs. That’s why it’s so hard to quit using. When you withdraw from drugs your body has become dependent on, the body acts as if you’ve taken away food or water. It desperately craves drugs.

This means that addiction is more than just an emotional challenge. It’s also a physical problem. Addicts experience a range of physical issues as they go through withdrawal. Those may include:

  • Muscle spasms, aches, and pains.
  • Dizziness and headaches.
  • Difficulty sleeping.
  • Night sweats.
  • Tremors.
  • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • Feelings of weakness or exhaustion.

Many addicts also use alcohol and drugs because of underlying physical health problems. For instance, many prescription drug addicts began using because of issues with chronic pain. In this way, addiction becomes a mask for the pain. It may even be a barrier to seeking treatment. This means that comprehensive addiction care must address any underlying medical concerns. It also must provide prompt relief from chronic and acute pain.

Massage therapy helps ease some of the pain associated with addiction and getting sober.

The Earliest
Stage of

The process of withdrawal occurs as drugs or alcohol are flushed from your system. The longer you go without using, the more intense the sensations become since your body has become dependent on drugs and alcohol. After drugs and alcohol have been completely out of your system for a few days, the symptoms get better. This is why it’s important to completely stop using—not cut back, taper down the dose, or keep using every time withdrawal gets unpleasant. As long as drugs and alcohol have time to exit the body, the pain of detox will subside. That’s when the healing of recovery can begin in earnest.

Benefits of
Massage Therapy

Benefits of<br />
<strong>Massage Therapy</strong>

Everyone can benefit from massage therapy. This means that massage can be a healthy coping tool long after you’ve recovered from your addiction. Researchers are continually looking into the benefits of massage therapy, and will likely find new and surprising reasons to get a message. Some of the many ways massage therapy can help you include:

How Massage
Can Make
Detox More

Massage feels good, and it’s good for your health. But can it really help you detox? Absolutely. During detox, many addicts experience intense pain, muscle spasms, tremors, and other uncomfortable symptoms. The anxiety and depression associated with detox can make these symptoms worse, as addicts unconsciously tense their muscles. Massage therapy helps to correct these painful symptoms.

It can also address some of the deeper feelings underlying withdrawal. Many addicts find detox profoundly lonely. Some say that drugs or alcohol were their only friend, or the only thing good about their life. Massage offers healing touch, reminds addicts that they’re not alone, and showing them that getting high doesn’t have to be the only source of pleasure and comfort in life.

Massage also acts as a distraction. It’s hard to drink or get high when you’re getting a massage. Many addicts struggle with getting through the next minute. A massage gives them something to do as they wait for detox to subside.

How Massage Therapy
Helps You Stay Sober

Detox is just the first step toward sobriety, not the end of the story. Addicts become addicts for a reason—family dysfunction, a history of trauma, chronic pain, etc. This means that to stay sober, addicts must address the underlying cause of their addiction. That often requires therapy, support groups, and a switch from harmful coping mechanisms to helpful ones.

Massage therapy can support addicts as they navigate the rocky path to sobriety. It offers relaxation, stress relief, and gentle healing for a body ravaged by the disease of addiction. Research has shown that gentle touch from massage releases endorphins.

These chemicals offer the body a natural high, without the dangers of alcohol or drugs. For addicts getting accustomed to a life of sobriety, massage offers a quick boost and a chance at long-term healing.

Future Now detox is committed to comprehensive, personalized care for each and every addict we treat. We help you get sober, then offer you the skills you need to stay there for a lifetime. Massage therapy is just one prong of our comprehensive, holistic package that includes chiropractic care, nutrition counseling, therapy, and much more. Our West Palm Beach facility offers a healthy path to a better life. Contact us today if you’re ready to begin your journey to sobriety.

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