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NAD/Brain Restoration
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For decades, medical experts have told addicts that addiction is a disease, not a choice. This can feel hard to believe, given that there’s no medication for addiction, and so much media coverage portrays addicts as selfish people who choose to harm others.

But addiction causes measurable changes in the brain and body. These changes make it very difficult for an addict to stop using. And the longer an addict uses, the stronger those changes become. There’s now a revolutionary medical treatment that aims to treat the disease of addiction. NAD/Brain Restoration Plus treatment can help addicts navigate detox and get back on track. We’re proud to be the only West Palm Beach area addiction center offering this revolutionary treatment. Let us show you how restoring your brain can restore your life.

A Brain

Addiction:<br />
<strong>A Brain<br />

To an uninformed outsider, addiction looks a lot like a choice. After all, the addict keeps using even when drugs harm their family, their body, and their career. And they can stop anytime they want, right?

Not so fast. Addiction is a real medical condition. Research has shown that some people are more vulnerable to this condition, particularly if they have a family history of addiction. Addiction also has ways of keeping itself going. The process begins with tolerance. As your body grows tolerant of drugs and alcohol, it doesn’t get the same high it once got with a smaller dose. This encourage you to keep using at larger and larger doses.

The more you use, the more dependent you become. Dependency is the process whereby addiction changes your body and brain, rewiring your mind to become convinced that it needs drugs and alcohol to survive. When you attempt to quit using, your body revolts and does everything it can to get you to use again. What’s more, your brain no longer functions well without drugs or alcohol, leaving you feeling depressed, anxious, or hopeless every time you try to stop using.

How the Brain
Disease of
Addiction Can
Affect You

As your brain and body become more and more dependent on drugs and alcohol, life gets worse. This seems obvious, but it can be hard to detect the correlation between addiction and life getting worse when you’re stuck in the storm of addiction. You may lose relationships, money, or even your job. You may feel depressed, anxious, even hopeless. This, of course, gets you to use more drugs. And the more you use, the more dependent you become. It’s a vicious cycle.


Understanding<br />

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme located in every living cell. It’s vital for life and serves numerous functions. Those include:

  • Supporting reactions in each cell. Your cells must engage in many chemical reactions to help you digest your food, think, breathe, and do just about everything else necessary to stay alive.
  • Supporting the role and function of neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that help carry nerve signals. When neurotransmitters don’t work well, neither does your brain. The result can be a range of maladies, including depression, anxiety, and addiction.
  • Helping drugs function more effectively. Many pharmaceutical drugs work directly or indirectly on NAD. What this means is that changes in NAD change the way drugs work—including potentially addictive drugs.

So why does NAD have a role in addiction treatment? Simple. We know that NAD levels tend to be lower in addicts. This may be due to a genetic predisposition, and could even help explain why some people are more vulnerable to addiction than others. It may also be that addiction lowers NAD.

When NAD levels are low, the brain can’t behave normally, and neither can the body. This might be a part of why addicts struggle with sound decision-making. Some may even use drugs as a way to compensate for the loss of NAD—even though those drugs further deplete NAD levels. This creates a vicious cycle in which addicts use the very thing that’s harming them to avoid the pain of addiction.

You already know that when you attempt to quit using, your body reacts with painful withdrawal. Known also as detox, this process can cause painful symptoms until drugs or alcohol leave your body. During detox, when the body is at its weakest, NAD levels can plummet even further. This makes detox more difficult than it needs to be.


Plus Program

Our<br />
<strong>NAD/Brain<br />
Restoration</strong><br />
Plus Program

We believe that NAD/BR+ can be the key to successfully detoxing from drugs and alcohol. We offer intravenous (IV) NAD drips that can restore NAD to healthy levels. In so doing, this natural and safe treatment may improve your brain to a healthier state. NAD is not a drug or dangerous chemical. It’s an enzyme that your body makes naturally—but that, during detox, it might need a little help to manufacture. We safely restore NAD levels, jump-starting your brain and your health.

Detox is notoriously difficult, and until now, there has been no safe treatment for the process. That has all changed. With our program, We want to help you safely and confidently navigate detox, while restoring an enzyme that drugs have taken from your brain. Don’t be fooled, though. Addiction recovery is a journey, and you’ll need help to protect your sobriety. We offer counseling, complementary therapies, support groups, and much more to prepare you for this journey.

You can get sober, and stay that way. You deserve nothing less. Let us help you change your life, once and for all.

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