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Rehab for prescription drugs
Prescription Drug Rehab

Prescription drugs can change, and even save lives. They can also wreak havoc on your mind and body. If you think you might be addicted to prescription drugs, our West Palm Beach prescription drug rehab program can help. We embrace a holistic approach, treating the whole person. To us, you’re more than just an addict. You’re a spiritual, intellectual, emotional being. We work to address all aspects of who you are, equipping you with the skills you need to remain sober for a lifetime.

Drug Addiction:
Why You
Need Rehab

One of the most difficult things about dealing with prescription drug addiction is that you might not be ready or willing to acknowledge that you’re an addict. Indeed, many prescription drug addicts become addicted after receiving valid medical prescriptions from their doctors. You might feel like it’s unfair that you’ve become an addict after doing what your doctor told you to do. But addiction is always unfair.

Addiction produces changes in the brain and body that make it nearly impossible to quit without help. Your body and mind will do whatever they can to convince you that you need drugs. When you attempt to stop using, you’ll experience painful withdrawal. Without support—both medical and psychological—it’s very difficult to get through withdrawal without returning to the drugs.

Am I
an Addict?

Addiction is not a choice. It’s not a moral failing or a failure of motivation. It’s a brain disease. Once your brain becomes addicted, you need help. Trying to quit on your own can make things worse, because when and if you fail, you may feel more hopeless than before.

There are two hallmarks of addiction: tolerance and dependency. Tolerance occurs when you don’t get the same results from prescription drugs that you once did. It’s the reason your medication might not be as effective at treating pain anymore, and why you have to keep upping the dose. Along with tolerance comes dependency. This is when your body begins treating drugs like something it needs to remain alive and healthy. If you experience withdrawal when you quit using, then your body has become dependent, and you are an addict.

The Challenges of
Treating Prescription
Drug Addiction

The Challenges of<br />
<strong>Treating Prescription<br />
Drug Addiction</strong>

One of the things that make treating prescription drug addiction so tough is that many prescription drug addicts have very serious underlying medical conditions. They may need some drugs, but not others. And going through withdrawal may even be dangerous. As part of our commitment to treating the whole person, we tackle this problem in several ways:

Holistic Care

Many addicts are most concerned about the immediate pain of detox and withdrawal. After all, when you’re an addict, the scariest thing in the world is a day without drugs. But withdrawal is short-lived. We’ll help you get through it. After you’re sober, you have an entire life of sobriety ahead of you. That’s a life worth protecting, and it’s not always easy.

Our goal is to teach you the skills you need not just to get sober, but to stay there. We don’t want you clawing at sobriety, white-knuckling your way through. We want you to enjoy your life. That means you’ll need:

  • Support from other addicts who have been there.
  • New skills that can help you fight cravings and urges. This may include exercise, meditation, nutritional changes, and other lifestyle strategies.
  • New ways to relax, such as via massage therapy or chiropractic care. These strategies can also help you manage underlying health conditions, reducing the need for potentially addictive prescription drugs.
  • Therapy to understand why you became an addict. By addressing the underlying problems you have faced, we free you to no longer turn to drugs when you are stressed.
  • Therapy can also help you identify your underlying strengths, so you can adopt healthier coping skills.

A life of sobriety is worth fighting for. Sobriety is life-saving and life-changing. We remind you of this fact every day, and inspire you to keep going. We see rehab as a rewarding, but challenging, journey. We think you’ll agree after you learn more about our program. Prescription drugs don’t have to destroy your body or mind.

As a West Palm Beach provider offering Brain Restoration+ NAD detox, we offer a new and unique experience. Let us show you what it can do for you. Ready to begin the journey? We’ll walk alongside you, step by step—even when the going gets tough. Give us a call today! This could be the first day of the rest of your life.

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