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Vibroacoustic therapy
effective supplement to traditional addiction treatments

Vibroacoustic therapy is a type of gentle energy therapy that uses sound waves to deeply penetrate the body. VAT can help with a wide range of conditions, and supplements more traditional addiction treatments. We offer VAT to help clients work towards overcoming the issues underlying their addiction.

What is

If you’ve ever felt the rumbling of your floorboards in response to a giant truck, you already know that sound can move objects. Vibroacoustic therapy operates according to this simple principle. It uses sound to create gentle vibrations. Akin to a gentle, concentrated, highly energetic massage, VAT has been implicated in the effective treatment of numerous chronic conditions.

The human body is more than 70% water. Sound travels more efficiently through water than air, which means that VAT can efficiently access the deepest recesses of the body. This offers safe and noninvasive healing.

Vibroacoustic therapy offers numerous potential benefits, including:

  • Relaxing muscles to reduce and potentially alleviate chronic pain.
  • Increase in blood flow. This can reduce nerve pain and help with circulation.
  • A soothing, calming vibration that can help with depression, anxiety, and other mental health symptoms.
  • Better regulated limbic system. This can help with chronic panic and anxiety.
  • Lower blood pressure and better cardiovascular health.
  • A stronger immune system that promotes faster healing.

How Can Vibroacoustic
Therapy Help With Addiction?

Addiction is not a choice or a moral failing. It’s a medical condition that requires treatment. Research has shown that addiction produces changes in the brain and body that make it very difficult to quit using. And when an addict attempts to stop, the body rebels against this decision in the form of painful withdrawal that may include headaches, depression, nausea, and more.

So how can vibroacoustic therapy help with this? First, VAT has been shown to help fortify the body, strengthening it to fight the battle for sobriety. Many addicts find that withdrawal is less intense with VAT, and that they experience fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression. Some even use VAT to fight their cravings.

There’s another benefit to VAT: many addicts become addicts as a way of self-medicating the pain of anxiety, depression, or health problems. Others become addicted to drugs used to treat serious medical conditions. By helping to better manage these conditions, VAT can remove an incentive to use drugs and alcohol. This can help addicts realize that a good life is possible without drugs or alcohol, and that there are healthy, safe, alternative ways to treat pain.

What to
Expect from

During a vibroacoustic therapy session, you’ll sit in a special chair or lie in a bed that produces sound waves. You’ll feel gentle vibrations but will not feel uncomfortable. You might feel a state of deep relaxation. Your VAT therapist will talk to you first to determine the right strategy, and then will set up VAT such that it targets your problem areas. A person with chronic low back pain, for instance, might receive VAT that targets the hips and back. A person with anxiety may prefer a more general session that loosens the muscles to help with the physical tension that so often accompanies anxiety.

Can Vibroacoustic
Therapy Help Me?
Is it Safe?

Can Vibroacoustic<br />
<strong>Therapy Help Me?<br />
Is it Safe?</strong>

Vibroacoustic therapy is safe and gentle, even for people with injuries or serious underlying medical conditions. It involves no medications and is noninvasive. This means there’s no risk of an allergic reaction or complication.

People with spinal cord or nerve damage may want to avoid VAT, and those with a recent severe physical injury should talk to a doctor first. For the overwhelming majority of our clients, however, VAT is a safe and painless path to better health.

So is VAT right for you? Some signs that it might help include:

Vibroacoustic Therapy:
Part of Comprehensive,
Holistic Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a complicated and aggressive disease. Most addicts relapse at least once. Aggressive, multifaceted treatment can help you beat this disease—whether it’s your first attempt at sobriety or your fiftieth. VAT offers a boost that can improve your chances at lasting sobriety while offering a break from the stress of detox.

No single treatment is right for every addict. Nor can VAT treat addiction alone. VAT is just one prong of our multi-pronged approach to managing addiction. At Future Now Detox, we offer comprehensive, holistic treatment that treats an addict’s mind, body, and spirit.

In conjunction with psychotherapy, group support, nutrition counseling, detox, and other traditional treatments, we also offer cutting-edge holistic care, including chiropractic, gut cleanses, and more.

We believe every addict deserves the best possible shot at sobriety. We know your addiction isn’t your fault. But it’s up to you what you do next. A single call can possibly save your life, and get you on the path to lasting sobriety, peace, and health. It’s time for a better way. Let us serve as your light out of the darkness. You can do it. We can help. Call us today for help fighting your addiction!

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